In an era riddled with discrimination and segregation, former director of the National Park Service Robert G. Stanton, seized an opportunity to serve as a seasonal park ranger at Grand Teton National Park in the summer of 1962. It was an eye-opening and life-altering experience – one that was made possible thanks to the stellar leadership of then Secretary of the Interior Stewart Lee Udall – during Stanton’s college years; the position revealed a career path for young Stanton and in 1966, he accepted a permanent full-time position with the National Park Service.

Stanton dedicated himself to the National Park Service for 35 years, during which he held a myriad of leadership positions ranging from superintendent of Virgin Islands National Park, to ultimately being unanimously confirmed as the 15th director of the National Park Service in 1997. He was the first African American to serve in this leadership role. As director, Stanton worked closely with the National Park Foundation in establishing the African American Experience Fund (AAEF).

When asked why he felt it was so important to establish the AAEF, Stanton noted:

“Many of the parks included in the Fund are lesser-known not withstanding their significance in our collective history, they indeed warranted a level of promotion, public awareness, appreciation, use, and support on par with other parks in the National Park System. Thus, the principal focus of the Fund is to assist the parks in preservation, interpretation/education, youth employment, community engagement, and outreach so that all Americans are connected to the richness and diversity of the African American experience as preserved and commemorated in the National Park System.”

During National African American History Month, Stanton is invited to speak at programs and special events with organizations focused on historic preservation, education, tourism, and civic engagement. Though the month of February is a special time to highlight African American history, Stanton dedicates time year-round to educating individuals and organizations on the importance of protecting and appreciating the parks and their benefits. Stanton added, “In these activities I always promote the areas in the National Park System that preserve and commemorate African American experiences and contributions to the development of our country.”

To read more about Stanton’s illustrious career and our Q&A with this great leader in our national park community, please click here.

Honoring Our Nation's Leaders Romantic Getaways in Your National Parks Ticket to Ride

Honoring Our Nation's Leaders

This past Monday we celebrated the remarkable leaders who have shaped our nation’s history. Though the holiday was originally established as a commemoration of President George Washington’s birthday, Presidents Day was later expanded to include President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as well.

Today, we honor the day as a celebration of the contributions of all American Presidents.

Within the National Park System, there are copious ways to celebrate the lives of these extraordinary leaders. In D.C., you can visit the White House and President’s Park to see the residence from where they led the nation. Other parks across the nation also offer the opportunity to learn more about America’s Commander-in-Chiefs:

Andrew Johnson, TN
Dwight D. Eisenhower, PA
Franklin D. Roosevelt, NY
Harry S. Truman, MO
Herbert Hoover, IA
James A. Garfield, OH
Jimmy Carter, GA
John F. Kennedy, MA
Lyndon B. Johnson, TX
Martin Van Buren, NY
Theodore Roosevelt, NY
Thomas Jefferson, DC
Ulysses S. Grant, NY

We hope you’ll take the time to visit a park near you to learn more about these great pillars of American history!

Romantic Getaways in Your National Parks

While Valentine’s Day may be behind us, it’s never too early to start brainstorming your next romantic getaway. And the newest FREE edition of our Owner’s Guide series, “I Heart Parks” is here to help you plan.

This special issue is chock-full of beautiful backdrops to visit with your one-and-only. The guide shares ideas on what to see and do at 15 perfect parks across this beautiful nation of ours. Curious about what’s within the alluring pages of this volume?

Let us leave you with this tempting morsel…

Imagine this: you and your partner travel to New Orleans, drawn to it by its mystical reputation. Your sweetheart has an affinity for the loose swing notes and well-improvised, brass-heavy jazz melodies. So where do you go?

Well, we’d tell you to start at the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. What could be more romantic than experiencing jazz in its birthplace? Concerts happen almost daily, so no matter when you visit you’ll be able to hear the smooth tunes that distinguish this epicenter of music. Sounds pretty fantastic, no? Well then don’t miss out on tips and tricks for making the most of a trip to this park! Download the issue today.

Ticket to Ride

Do you remember your first trip to a national park? Do you remember the excitement of going on a school field trip? Thanks to continued support from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, our Ticket to Ride program offers students from across the country an opportunity to do both.

Through the program, students travel to their local national park to learn about the natural, cultural, and historic wonders found right in their backyard!

In Pennsylvania, students from York visited Eisenhower National Historic Site to learn about General and President Eisenhower's life through hands-on field studies and role-playing. By venturing out of the city, students were able to experience what life was like on the Eisenhower farm while learning about a great American leader.

In Florida, many students who live in the Keys – only an hour drive from Everglades National Park – have never experienced this marsh wonderland! This program offers students the chance to make the trek to the Everglades, to walk along the Anhinga Trail, and to enjoy the serenity of the calls of wading birds, the grunting of pig frogs, and the bellowing of alligators. It is truly a memorable and fun opportunity!

To see our Ticket to Ride program in action, check out the video above from our great friends at Disney. We are excited and proud to connect more youth with our national parks through Ticket to Ride.

To find out how you can support programs like this, click here.



FREE Educators Guide for Disneynature's BEARS!

Calling all educators and youth group leaders! On April 18, Disneynature will release its new Alaskan true life adventure, “BEARS,” which showcases a year in the life of a bear family as two impressionable young cubs are taught life’s most important lessons. Watch the trailer now.

To help educate youth about bears and other wildlife, Disneynature just released a FREE Educator’s Guide. The Disneynature “BEARS Educator’s Guide” includes nearly 100 pages of lessons and activities targeted to grades 2 through 6. The lessons are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, National Science Standards, and common core Language Arts and Math Standards. Download your copy today.

But don’t let the “BEARS” exploration end with the activities and lessons! You can order group tickets today so that your class or youth group can go see “BEARS” and experience a real bear adventure on the big screen. To order 20 tickets or more, call 1-888-DISNEY6.

And the best part: For every ticket sold during “BEARS” opening week, April 18-24, Disneynature will make a contribution to the National Park Foundation to protect wildlife and wild places across America’s National Park System. See “BEARS” and support your national parks!

The Perfectly Planned National Park Experience

Dreaming about warmer weather and your next summer vacation? Our national parks can provide for awe-inspiring travel, from our highest peaks to our grandest canyons, they’re some of the most breathtaking places on earth. Not sure where to start? For the third year, the National Park Foundation has partnered with Globus family of brands to bring you a truly unique collection of perfectly planned GoParks! tours. Even better than a perfectly planned vacation – as part of the NPF GoParks! partnership, when travelers book a U.S. national park vacation on Globus, Cosmos, or Monograms – the Globus family of brands will make a donation to NPF at no additional cost to travelers.

“When travelers book GoParks! vacations, they are not only guaranteed an oasis where postcard views meet life-altering experiences, they’re helping us ensure the ongoing conservation of our national parks,” said Scott Nisbet, president and CEO for Globus family of brands.

With more than 85 years of travel experience, Globus knows vacations like no one else, offering 33 national park-focused tours and packaged vacations across the country. With unparalleled service and compelling storytelling, you are assured an unforgettable experience in our national parks. Plus, book a Globus GoParks! vacation by March 25 and save up to $150 per person. Click here to find the perfect trip for you!

The Legacy of Rosie the Riveter

Walking along the waterfront of Richmond, CA and visiting the various sites of the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Homefront National Historical Park, one can easily imagine the former site of Kaiser Shipyards. The yards were a hive of industrial activity with swinging cranes and sparks from welders giving rise to the hulking battleships that comprised much of the Pacific Fleet.

Upon closer inspection many of the workers, in overalls and boots, wearing helmets and climbing up cranes, were women who took on jobs that had been traditionally reserved for men. In doing so, they changed the face of the American work force.

Then and now, these women were called Rosies and their success and strength is preserved in the iconic image of a woman with her fist raised, wearing a kerchief. Today the stories of the shipyards, and the men and women who worked there, are part of the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Homefront National Historical Park; their legacy is supported by the Rosie the Riveter Trust.

The Trust keeps both the spirit and the stories of the Rosies alive, supporting the park with funds for collections, including oral histories, and public education at the park’s many industrial sites throughout the city. By introducing the next generation of girls to this legacy, they can take advantage of the opportunities the Rosies created. Sign up for the Trust’s e-newsletter and visit its website to learn more about available tours, the visitor center, and programs.

Make your next national park adventure better than ever! Download a FREE copy of our new Owner's Guide today!

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The Mound City Group site in Ohio is not a city. What is it?

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And congratulations to last month's winner, Janet Bayer, from South Huntington, NY, who knew that Capitol Reef National Park maintains its own peach, apple, and pear orchards.

Way to go, Janet!


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